What We Do

The Northwest Civic Association [NWCA] is an independent, not-for-profit association that serves the community interests of all citizens who live or work in northwest Columbus.

All NWCA activities fall into two main categories:

  1. review graphics and zoning applications in our monthly meetings and
    make recommendations to the Columbus City Council
  2. advocate for citizens and the community at-large to City service providers

As an advisory board to City Council, NWCA fulfills many of the same functions as Columbus area commissions, which are funded by City Council, but we differ in our independence. Our funding comes from member dues, and our independence allows us to take whatever position we agree is right in our dealings with City Council and other City officials. NWCA helps enforce development standards that prevent poorly planned or unattractive developments and commercial graphics, such as:

  • Northwest Plan
  • Bethel Road Standards
  • Sawmill Corridor Development Standards

As advocates for citizen interests, we help citizens and the City resolve code violations, such as:

  • illegal signs and structures
  • unkempt lots
  • abandoned or illegally parked cars
  • unlicensed businesses in residential neighborhoods

NWCA advocates for street improvement, street lights, sidewalks, and bikeways.  NWCA supports our local schools, promotes neighborhood beautification, and works to improve local parks.

NWCA works with Don Scott Field (The Ohio State University airport) to address its impact on the surrounding community.

At our annual meeting, NWCA recognizes the extraordinary community service of a local volunteer or organization with the Anna Mildred Henderson Award.

It is also important to list a couple things that we do not do:

  • we do not advocate for individual interests; rather, we advocate for best interests for all
  • we do not promote any political agenda or candidate; rather, we serve as a forum to educate the public about issues and candidates’ positions


Our voice is only as loud as the strength of our membership and the commitment of our members. Come join us and let your voice be heard, too.

Do you have other ideas about something else we should be doing? Email us and let us know.