NWCA was founded as an unincorporated association in 1966, and became a non-profit corporation 1969.

It originally encompassed the area bounded by Kenny Road on the east, Dierker Road on the west, Bethel Road on the north, and Old Henderson Road on the south.

Over the years, the NWCA area was expanded to the boundaries of the Olentangy River on the east, the Scioto River on the west, State Route 161 on the north, and the border of Upper Arlington/Highland Drive on the south.

This area includes some parts of Perry and Sharon Townships, the City of Dublin, and the City of Worthington. In 2007, the boundaries were changed to include only property that is in the City of Columbus. In the future, if property within our service area is annexed to the City of Columbus, it becomes part of the NWCA area.

NWCA is a non-governmental body that performs some of the functions of an area commission, which is an arm of Columbus City Council. Although it is not required by law to do so, the City recognizes and acts on NWCA recommendations concerning zoning, graphics, code enforcement, and other matters that area commissions handle in other parts of the City.

Sometimes the NWCA and the City differ on development, zoning, capital improvements, or other issues – sometimes NWCA prevails (e.g. right-sizing Carriage Place Shopping Center; opposition to a Morse-Bethel connector) and sometimes it doesn’t (zoning and graphics recommendations that weren’t followed; a referendum against a development on West Case Road that failed to get on the ballot in 2003).

NWCA recently took on these important issues:

  • secured the Sheep Farm for use by residents and neighbors, locking out developers
  • opposed construction of apartments at site of Winking Lizard
  • widening Bethel and Sawmill Roads
  • improvements to Route 161
  • opposition to the Morse-Bethel connector
  • downsizing a 143 acre mega-mall at the site of Carriage Place Shopping Center
  • right-sizing a proposed Wal-Mart Superstore at Carriage Place Shopping Center
  • development of Carriage Place Recreation Center and park
  • preservation of the old-growth woods northwest of the OSU airport
  • study of a proposed expansion at the OSU airport
  • study of noise abatement for residents near the OSU airport
  • planning improvements in Dublin-Granville Road
  • opposition to flashing, electronic signs that create visual pollution