Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Northwest Civic Association holds regular monthly meetings, annual meetings, special meetings, and several events throughout the year.  Meeting agendas are posted on our home page shortly before each meeting, and meeting minutes are posted here about a month afterward, pending trustees’ approval. Please come and join us!

Regular Meetings

During regular monthly meetings, guest speakers present topics of local interest and the Trustees deliberate on re-zoning and graphics variance applications, during which the public is encouraged to participate with questions and feedback.

Our regular monthly meetings begin promptly at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, except July (and possibly January) in room 213 of the Meadow Park Church, 2425 Bethel Road. The public is welcome, except when the board meets in executive session.

Below are recent regular meeting agenda and minutes in PDF format that will open in new tabs or windows. If needed, you can request earlier documents by email.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
January 2019- No Mtg N/A N/A
February 2019 2-6-19 Agenda Minutes 12-5-18
March 2019 3-6-19 Agenda

Minutes 2-6-19

April 2019 4-3-19 Agenda

Minutes 3-6-19

Minutes 3-6-19 Special

May 2019-Annual Mtg 5-1-19 Agenda Minutes 4-3-19
June 2019 6-5-19 Agenda Minutes 5-1-19
July 2019- No Meeting N/A N/A
August 2019 8-7-19 Agenda Minutes 6-5-19
September 2019 9-4-19 Agenda Minutes 8-7-19
October 2019 10-2-19 Agenda Minutes 9-4-19
November 2019 11-6-19 Agenda Minutes 10-2-19
December 2019 12-4-19 Agenda Minutes 11-6-19
January 2020 1-8-20 Agenda Minutes 12-4-19
February 2020 2-5-20 Agenda Minutes 1-8-20
March 2020 3-4-20 Agenda Minutes 2-5-20
April 2020    
May 2020    
June 2020    
July 2020 (no meeting) N/A  
August 2020    
September 2020    
October 2020    
November 2020    
December 2020