The City of Columbus website is extensive and complete, although finding certain things can sometimes be difficult.

Columbus City Code, Zoning Code, and Development Standards

Comprehensive City Code
Columbus Zoning Code including parking, graphics, noise, and floodplain development
Sawmill Corridor Development Standards
Bethel Road Development Standards
Northwest Area Plan

Neighborhood Associations, and Nearby Area Associations


How to contact City Council members?

Columbus City Council Directory

Council Members

Zach Klein, Council President
Chair: Rules and Reference
Chief of Staff: Edward Roberts
Contact: (614) 645-5529
Legislative Aide: Gina Space
Contact: (614) 645-5381
Legislative Assistant: Alexis Pannell
Contact: (614) 645-2224

Priscilla R. Tyson, Council President Pro Tempore
Chair: Finance; Health & Human Services; Workforce Development
Legislative Aide: Nicole Harper
Contact: (614) 645-2932
Legislative Assistant: Carl Williams
Contact:  (614) 645-0854

Mitchell J. Brown 
Chair: Public Safety; Veterans’ Affairs
Legislative Aide: Denise Friend-Foster
Contact: (614) 724-4686
Legislative Assistant: Grant Ames
Contact: (614) 645-4605

Elizabeth C. Brown
Chair: Economic Development; Environment; Education; Administration
Legislative Aide: Kelsey Ellingsen
Contact: (614) 645-7163
Legislative Assistant: James Carmean
Contact: (614) 724-4649

Shannon G. Hardin
Chair: Public Service & Transportation; Neighborhoods; Small & Minority Business Development
Legislative Aide: Zachary Davidson
Contact: (614) 645-5291
Legislative Assistant: Linda Capobianco
Contact: (614) 645-2726

Jaiza Page
Chair: Recreation & Parks; Housing; Zoning
Legislative Aide: Ralonda Hampton
Contact: (614) 645-5524
Legislative Assistant: Sherry Martin
Contact: (614) 645-8538

Michael Stinziano 
Chair: Technology; Public Utilities; Judiciary & Court Administration
Contact: (614) 645-8084
Legislative Aide: Kevin McCain
Contact: (614) 645-5829
Legislative Assistant: Trenton Weaver
Contact:  (614) 645-8311