Town Hall on Monday, August 24th

Katherine Cull and Rebecca Deeds from the Department of Neighborhoods will be hosting a virtual Town Hall on Facebook Live. Updates from multiple City of Columbus departments will be shared. You may watch and participate by visiting and clicking on the “Video” link, which will show that there is a “Live” event. If you have a Facebook account, you will be able to comment and ask questions in the Comments section. If you do not, you can still view the event at this site, and means by which to submit your questions will be provided.

AARP Fraud Prevention

At the August 5th meeting, trained AARP volunteers, Phil Smith, Veronica Carter and Mike Kessler, gave a fraud prevention presentation on identity theft, how to outsmart cyber-attacks, and the latest scams including corona virus related scams. The presentation provided an inside look at how scammers think and gave tips and tools to safeguard against theft & fraud and what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud. If you missed it, or would like to learn more, they provided some materials.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Scammers (PowerPoint)

Con Artist’s Playbook (pdf)

Watchdog Alert Handbook (pdf)

New Airport Director Named

Adam Wolf has been named Airport Director for the Ohio State University Airport effective August 1, 2020. In this position, he will be responsible for both the strategic development and the overall day-to-day operations of the Airport.

Wolf has served on the Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP).  He earned a bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a certified member of the American Association of Airport Executives.  He holds an FAA Private license. Since joining OSU, he has taken progressively more responsibility, including serving as the Interim Director.

Congratulations, Director Wolf.

Update on the “Sheep Farm” Park on Case Rd.

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department acquired the 57-acre West Case Road property from The Ohio State University at the end of 2019. The department currently is mowing grass walking paths through the former pasture, which will be ready for use later this summer. Temporary on-site parking will be available at that time.

Later this year, the department will begin the planning process for permanent development. This includes creating a master plan for the property. The department will reach out to the community for input at that time.

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Columbus Requires Face Coverings

From the City of Columbus website

News Date: July 06, 2020

Information about the Face Mask Executive Order

This order requires the wearing of facial coverings when in public to slow the community spread of COVID-19 and shall be in full force and effect on and after July 3, 2020 and will continue to be in effect until such time as superseded by ordinance of City Council.

Face Covering Requirements

For the purposes of this executive order: “Face covering” means a covering of the nose and mouth that is secured to the head with ties, straps, or loops over the ears or is simply wrapped around the lower face.

Where Face Coverings are required: All individuals are required to wear face coverings in indoor areas accessible to the public and within the confines of public or private transportation regulated by the City of Columbus, unless otherwise exempted, as follows:

a.     In Retail Businesses. Retail Businesses must have all workers wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person. In addition, Retail Businesses must require that all customers wear Face Coverings when they are inside the establishment and may be within (6) feet of another person, unless the customer states that an exception applies.

b.     In Restaurants and Bars. Restaurants and bars must have all workers wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person. In addition, restaurants and bars must require that all customers wear Face Coverings when not at their table/seat, unless the customer states that an exception applies.

c.      In Personal Care, Grooming, and Tattoo Businesses. Personal Care, Grooming, and Tattoo Businesses must have workers wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person. In addition, the business must require that all customers wear Face Coverings when they are inside the establishment and may be within six (6) feet of another person, unless the customer states that an exception applies. Customers may take off their Face Coverings if they are receiving a facial treatment, shave, or other services on a part of the head which the Face Covering covers or by which the Face Covering is secured.

d.     In Child Care Facilities, Day Camps, and Overnight Camps. Child care facilities, day camps, and overnight camps must have workers, all other adults, and children six (6) years or older on site wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person.

e.     In Transportation. All workers and riders on public or private transportation regulated by the City of Columbus, as well as all people in Columbus airports, bus, and train stations or stops, must wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person. This provision does not apply to people traveling alone or with household members or friends in their personal vehicles, but does apply to ride-shares, cabs, vans, and shuttles, even if the vehicles are privately owned.

f.       In Certain High-Density Occupational Settings Where Social Distancing is Difficult. Social distancing is inherently difficult where multiple workers are together in manufacturing settings, at construction sites, and in agricultural settings. Therefore, in businesses or operations within North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) sectors 311 to 339 (manufacturing), 236 to 238 (construction), and 111, 112, 1151, and 1152 (agriculture), all workers must wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person.

g.     Long Term Care Facilities. All workers in Long Term Care (“LTC”) Facilities, including skilled nursing facilities (“SNF”), adult care homes (“ACH”), family care homes (“FCH”), mental health group homes, and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (“ICF-IID”), must wear Face Coverings while in the facility, and those Face Coverings must be Surgical Masks, as long as Surgical Mask supplies are available.

h.     Other Health Care Settings. Health care facilities other than LTC facilities must follow the Face Covering requirements in the CDC Infection Control Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

i.        Religious facilities and facilities owned and operated by the State of Ohio and the Federal Government are exempt from this order.

Exemptions: This Executive Order does not require Face Coverings for, and a Face Covering does not need to be worn by, a worker, customer, or patron who:

  • Should not wear a Face Covering due to any medical or behavioral condition or disability (including, but not limited to, any person who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, or incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to put on or remove the face covering without assistance);
  • Is under six (6) years of age;
  • Is actively eating or drinking;
  • Is strenuously exercising;
  • Is seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired in a way that requires the mouth to be visible;
  • Is giving a speech for a broadcast or to an audience;
  • Is working at home or is in a personal vehicle;
  • Is temporarily removing his or her Face Covering to secure government or medical services or for identification purposes;
  • Would be at risk from wearing a Face Covering at work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulations or workplace safety guidelines;
  • Has found that his or her Face Covering is impeding visibility to operate equipment or a vehicle; or;
  • Is a child whose parent, guardian, or responsible person has been unable to place the Face Covering safely on the child’s face; or
  • Is within a religious facility.

Application of Exceptions: Anyone who declines to wear a Face Covering for any of the reasons which constitute an exception should not be required to produce documentation or any other proof of a condition. Children under two (2) years of age should not be required to wear a Face Covering. 

Enforcement: Citations under this Executive Order shall be written only to businesses or organizations that fail to enforce the requirement to wear Face Coverings; this order’s purpose is to impose organizational criminal liability pursuant to CCC Sec. 2301.23.  Businesses and organizations are entitled to rely on their customers’ or patrons’ statements about whether or not they are excepted from the Face Covering requirements, and businesses and organizations do not violate this Executive Order if they rely upon such statements.

a.     Law enforcement personnel are not authorized to criminally enforce the Face Covering requirements of this Executive Order against individual workers, customers, or patrons.

b.     However, if a business or organization does not allow entry to a worker, customer, or patron because that person refuses to wear a Face Covering, and if that worker, customer, or patron enters the premises or refuses to leave the premises, law enforcement personnel may enforce the trespassing laws and any other laws that the worker, customer, or patron may violate.

Safe and LEGAL July 4th Fireworks

The Columbus Division of Fire regarding the illegal sale and discharge of fireworks throughout the City of Columbus.

Key take-aways:

  • The use of any explosive fireworks or rockets is illegal throughout the City of Columbus.
  • The only legal fireworks that may be displayed in Ohio are those that Snake, Smoke, Snap and Sparkle. 
  • Because the use of illegal fireworks can cause severe injuries, property destruction and death, the Columbus Division of Fire will have specialized teams of fire investigators deployed this weekend who can respond to calls of illegal firework sales and large professional-grade displays that put the safety of our residents at risk.
  • Do not set off illegal fireworks and if using snakes, smokes, snaps or sparkles, please take safety precautions.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Explore Columbus History

You can contribute to documenting Columbus’ history by noting the local landmarks–stores, notable homes, parks, churches, streetscapes–in your photos of Northwest Columbus. Bring your photos and documents to Trustee Cheryl Grossman. Cheryl is working with librarians from the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Columbus Metropolitan Library to scan your photos or other materials for inclusion in the digital collection of central Ohio history. You may have seen pictures from this collection on the popular Columbus Neighborhoods series on WOSU.

In addition to the pleasure of contributing to the documentation of our neighborhood, you will have a high-quality scan of your pictures or documents. Photographs degrade over time or can be lost due to fires or water damage, so take this opportunity to back up yours. You can also specify how, or if, your materials can be used or you may be able to donate entire collections to the library.

Zoning updates


At the November meeting, the NWCA Board recommended for approval a reduction in setback for 6469 Nicholas Dr to allow for outdoor storage, a reduction of parking setback at 4825 Knightsbridge Blvd, and Meijer’s at 6175 Sawmill Rd to use parking lot space for a gas station, liquor sales, and outdoor merchandise sales.

Jennifer Noll, Principal Planner with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) joined us in September to discuss the recently completed Insight 2050 Corridor Project. The project Corridor-Concepts-Scenario-Report-April-29-Final includes plans for future development and bus lines through five corridors from downtown. The Northwest Corridor includes Bethel Rd. and Sawmill Rd. to Post Rd. in Dublin. Pages 20 and 21 show recommendations for placement of residential, commercial, and other new proposed development.

Proposal for 405 apartment units at the NW corner of Henderson and Olentangy (the Zimmerman property). Application docs: CV19-071 4497 Olentangy River Rd.Council Variance App and Z19-054 4497 Olentangy River Rd.Rezoning App

This Week News 7-23

Apartment proposal at Winking Lizard site withdrawn

Apartment proposal for Kahoots site modified

Kahoots Could be Kaput

Kahoots Apartments might be CRA 2-27

ThisWeek News 6-18-19

Habitat for Humanity store to replace Graeters

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