No Meeting in April

In the interest of the health and safety of our members, the April NWCA meeting has been cancelled. Zoning requests scheduled for April will be heard at the May meeting. Please be safe and take all precautions.

Please note: 1075 Weybridge has withdrawn their zoning request

This Week News 3-12

Affordable Housing Project on Hold

The Affordable Housing Project approved by NWCA in December was tabled by City Council on February 10 until February 24. Update: At the February 24 City Council Zoning meeting a motion was passed to table the variance request indefinitely.

There has been little activity with other proposals in the area. The apartments at Reed Rd and the apartments at Henderson and Olentangy are not scheduled for review by NWCA, Development Commission, or City Council. It has been difficult to ascertain information regarding these developments, but according to one city official they are on hold pending review/improvements to the sewer system that dumps into the Knolls area. We are hearing that the City is only going to approve projects that are equivalent replacements of existing units. That is, proposals that add to the problem would not be considered. This may be the case until the sewer infrastructure is fixed, possibly in 2025. We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

There is a proposal from Skilken-Gold a for development at Bethel Rd. and Godown Rd., the former Winking Lizard site. It includes the Budget Rental store next door and would be a 24/7 gas station and drive through food service. The developer has asked for a meeting with the neighbors after the holidays. Meeting details will be posted here when they are finalized. NWCA welcomes comments and questions at this early stage of the proposal.  Update: As of March 16 we are still working with Skilken to try to arrange a neighborhood meeting.

Reed Rd project- Notice: Preferred Living was approved 3 to 1 at the September 12 Development Commission meeting. The developer increased the setback from the street, reduced the buildings nearest the street to two stories, and added significant natural barriers to minimize the impact on the neighborhood. The design remains unchanged. Next stop is City Council for final approval. Meeting date and other info will be posted as it becomes available. As of 12-2 that date is unknown. Preferred Living is working with the city to prepare for the first phase which includes building the new offices for Burgess and Niple. The second phase involving the apartments may be delayed due to sanitary sewer problems extending to the Knolls and south.

09 – Z18-062 September 2019

5.23.19 5085 Reed Road Statement of Hardship, SOH

5.28.19 5085 Reed Road Limitaiton Text

Illustrative 5-21-19

Reed Road 5-13-19

NWCA has been working with Preferred Living, nearby neighbors and residents of the district to get details and feedback on the project. The Reed Rd. proposal was on the February agenda and a special zoning meeting was held to gather input from residents. Preferred Living went back to the drawing board to adjust their plan. A second special Zoning meeting was held on April 24 to discuss these changes and give neighbors and residents another opportunity to express their opinions and concerns. The feedback is summarized in the Reed Rd 4-24 meeting summary report.

Concept Plan 4.11.19

Comparison Study_3.29.19

Zimmerman Tract Tabled: The proposed 400-unit apartment project at Henderson and Olentangy was tabled by the NWCA at the August 7 meeting. The Board and the developer agreed that there are many issues regarding traffic and the effects of drainage and sewage on residents of the Knolls that need to be addressed. In addition, the developer has said that he would like to talk to city staff about these issues in greater detail. They are not yet scheduled for the November Development Commission meeting. NWCA will schedule a special meeting for members and residents of the Knolls to discuss alternate plans for the site with the developer and possibly city staff. The meeting would be more casual and conversational. Details for the meeting will be posted and sent to members when they are finalized.

This Week News 10-29-19; Sewer lines at Kahoots

191-923-Traffic study submitted by developer

CV19-071 4497 Olentangy River Rd.Council Variance App

Z19-054 4497 Olentangy River Rd.Rezoning App

Zimmerman project renderings

This Week News- Student Trustees Return

Upcoming Speakers: In April we hope to have speakers to discuss and explain Affordable Housing in central Ohio. May is our Annual Meeting where we elect Trustees. Our guest speaker will be the Executive Director of the OSU Airport. Refreshments will be provided.