Status on Community Choice Electrical Aggregation

You might have wondered whatever happened with the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) that passed on November 6, 2020. You may also be receiving letters and other communications asking you to sign up for an electricity contract and wonder if you should. Here is a general idea of the status of CCA and how it will affect you and your electricity choices.

If you are an individual or small business in Columbus, you are eligible for CCA, unless you are already on Columbus power. The City is currently in negotiations to finalize a contract with their preferred supplier, AEP. After that, legislation to approve the final master supply contract will be passed by City Council. Once that is complete, opt-out letters which include details about the program, including rates, will be sent to eligible individuals and small businesses who then have 21 days to opt-out or they will be enrolled in the CCA program. If you have a contract with an electricity supplier, you may not receive an opt-out letter and will need to opt-in at a later date. Opt-out letters are estimated to be sent in May and the program should begin in June.

The above is based on a very good page detailing the process and the FAQs. The CCA Advisory Group has their meetings posted. The most recent Advisory Group meeting was Thursday, February 18th and the next will be in April. They are open to the public.

NWCA will try to schedule someone from the City later in the year to provide more detail and answer questions.