Holidays are a Perfect Time to Explore History

It will be Thanksgiving in a few days and in a few more weeks, it will be Christmas (or possibly Hanukkah or some other holiday) and families will gather to share meals and presents … and memories. Many families will haul out photo albums and introduce kids to their family histories.

If you are one of these families, you can also contribute to documenting Columbus’ history by noting the local landmarks–stores, notable homes, parks, churches, streetscapes–in your photos of Northwest Columbus. Then come to the NWCA January 8th meeting where librarians from the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Columbus Metropolitan Library will be on hand to scan your photos or other materials for inclusion in the digital collection of central Ohio history. You may have seen pictures from this collection on the popular Columbus Neighborhoods series on WOSU.

In addition to the pleasure of contributing to the documentation of our neighborhood, you will have a high-quality scan of your pictures or documents. Photographs degrade over time or can be lost due to fires or water damage, so take this opportunity to back up yours. You can also specify how, or if, your materials can be used or you may be able to donate entire collections to the library.

Even if you have nothing to be scanned, join us at the regular NWCA meeting on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM at Meadow Park Church, 2425 Bethel Rd. to find out more about the local history collections and the process librarians use to gather local history information.