Reed Rd. Proposal Update

A Special Meeting will be held on Wednesday February 20 at 7:00pm at the Meadow Park Church on Bethel Rd. The meeting is open to the public and the following people have signed up to represent their neighborhoods: special meeting participants

Preferred Living has tabled their hearing with the Development Commission as they said they would.

Because we have such a large group, I am asking that all participants submit before the meeting a list of their top 3 concerns about the project with a brief explanation of each. This will allow us to compile and prioritize in advance of the meeting on the 20th so we can discuss which items Preferred Living would be willing to concede, which concerns the neighbors can/cannot live with, and which should be addressed by the City. This should allow the NWCA Board to base its vote on factual concerns.

Please submit your top 3 concerns with explanations to our Facebook page. This will allow for complete transparency. Submissions will be accepted until Saturday February 16, which will give us time to compile, prioritize, and post on our website.

Concept Plan 2.5.19

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